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#FoodHack: make your own spreadable butter

Avoid additives and minimise packaging while saving money.


This recipe is credited to Niki who had a blog called Rural Writings and was reproduced in the comments section of Down to Earth.

I have a confession to make.  I adore Lurpak butter and I had a fridge full of it before CRPS. For a few years I hung on and stockpiled when it could be bought for half-price.  Those times are long gone and, if you’re lucky, you can pick up a 250g tub for $4 on special (reduced from $5).  For a little while I gritted my teeth and bought the cheaper imitation butter spreads on special but now I make my own spreadable butter.  I was spurred on to do this by discovering that Aldi’s Beautifully Butterfully unsalted butter won a Choice taste test  and this range (I assume salted and unsalted) was the 2019 Canstar Blue Award Winner for Butter.  It is half the price of Lurpak and is Australian made.  I buy the 500g block to minimise waste and I use the wrapper to grease my baking tins and trays.

I stumbled across Niki’s spreadable butter recipe in the comments section of Down to Earth.  She is Canadian with a family so I’ve downsized and converted her recipe to metric.  This makes the equivalent of a 500g tub.


  • 240g butter
  • Half a cup (125ml) mild olive oil


Allow the butter to warm to room temperature otherwise you’ll have butter flying across the kitchen when you start beating it.  Trust me.  I’ve done this and it’s amazing how far bits of butter can travel.

Add half a cup of olive oil.  I use mild olive oil as the flavour isn’t as intense.  At the moment I buy Remano from Aldi but I am on the lookout for a large metal tin of olive oil on special to reduce plastic waste.

Whip the softened butter and oil until it forms soft peaks.

Refrigerate.  This is a little firmer than shop bought spreadable butter.  You can spread it straight from the fridge but I tend to remove it for a couple of minutes (while your toast is cooking is absolutely fine) before using.

Cost (rounded up)

240g Beautifully Butterfully unsalted butter: $2.40

125ml (half a cup) Remano Olive Oil: 75c

Total cost: $3.15

This is significantly less than Lurpak (a 500g equivalent would cost $10).  It doesn’t taste exactly the same as Lurpak and it does have a different texture but the cost savings more than make up for that.  This recipe also compares favourably with commercial ‘buttery’ spreads. While the savings aren’t necessarily there the real benefit is in avoiding additives and other ingredients you cannot pronounce while reducing plastic waste by avoiding purchasing the container.  The spreadable butter recipe has two actual ingredients (butter and olive oil) which contain three ingredients in total: cream, water, and olive oil.  Compare this with the ingredients for Flora Buttery: Vegetable oils (70%) (containing sunflower seed oil (37%), water, buttermilk (8%), salt, emulsifiers (471, soy lecithin), food acid (lactic acid), natural flavours, preservative (202), vitamins (A, D), natural colour (β-carotene).

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